Universal Door Lock Actuator Wiring Diagram

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Universal Door Lock Actuator Wiring Diagram - Connect 5-wire drivers side door actuator/door lock to the wiring harness in accordance with same colour. -3. Repeat step 2 for all other actuator/door locks. onnect separate black wire from wiring harness to ground. nect separate red wire from wiring harness to the battery (+) a constant source of 12 volts. 6. Connect wiring harness to control module. TESTING: 1. Press the front rivers door. If you lose all door lock operation of one or more, but not all motors, and other doors still work, you have cut a wire leading directly to one or more motors. You. Door Lock Actuator Installation: Remove the door panels. They are held on by screws and joints that will pop out. Start by pulling on the bottom of the door, unpopping all the joints. Then lift up on the panel, and it should come right off. Remove the plastic on the inside of the door. By careful, because you will be reusing the plastic. Drill the two holes to mount the actuator. You should.

SPAL 37000006 5 Wire Power Lock Door Actuator Kit AUTOLOC PW4650 Universal 2 Door Power Window Kit With 3 Illuminated Switch (3) two wire actuators Includes wiring harness, basic. Optional Wiring Diagrams Positive Output Negative Output Reverse Polarity Output T BAT Y E R Output From Receiver 86 Ground Output 30 87A 87 85 GROUND FUSE + 12 VDC FOR POWER WINDOWS TWO RELAYS MUST BE PLACED BETWEEN THE SWITCH AND THE WINDOW MOTOR. THE DASHED LINES INDICATE WHERE THE WIRES MUST BE CUT. (1) Receiver (2) Remotes (2) Wire Harnesses Ints allation Instructions for SPAL Shaved Door. All doors lock and unlock by themselves. Either the wires have been connected to non matching colours or the clamps on the 5 wire actuator/s are not aligned correctly..

13.08.2006  · I wanted to be able to lock the doors when the alarm arms, so I had power door locks installed (actuators). There are 2 wires coming off the actuator, a green one and the other wire blue. I am guessing these wires run to the alarm's brain, where the locks are controlled.. Locate the drivers door actuator on the vehicles wiring diagram, This actuator will have a switch associated with it: On the diagram the switch may be labeled with open/unlock and close/lock, the wires connected to the open and. 05.05.2014  · I'm trying to solve a problem with the driver's door lock. The driver side lock will unlock but not lock when using the driver's door switch..

Bticino 344202 (2 Wire) each core with a marker or tape. Terminals 3 Bus Input 4 Bus Input IMPORTANT NOTE : 1) Before replacing the handset make note of the wires to each terminal on the existing unit (an easy way.

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